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Scottish Parliament Must Vote to Back UN Calls for a Ceasefire in Gaza

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All MSPs who want to see an end to the slaughter in Gaza must vote for the ceasefire motion in the Scottish Parliament today, says the Scottish Greens external affairs spokesperson, Ross Greer MSP.

This afternoon Holyrood will debate a Scottish Government motion in support of UN calls for a ceasefire and the creation of humanitarian corridors for medical aid and displaced people.

Mr Greer said:

“Every Scottish Green MSP will vote to support UN calls for a ceasefire, and so must every other MSP who wants to see an end to the killing.

“Last week Westminster faced a basic moral test and the vast majority of MPs failed it badly.

“They had the power to ensure that the UK used its international influence to support calls for a ceasefire, but instead Tory and Labour MPs lined up together and backed Israel’s relentless bombing campaign.

“It was a disgraceful and cowardly move from a Labour Party whose position has veered between ambiguity and confusion to outright support for Israeli war crimes.

“Keir Starmer is a former human rights lawyer, so he knows that the collective punishment of over two million people, which he was explicitly defending just a few weeks ago, is a clear breach of international law.

“Enough is enough.

“Israel’s relentless bombing campaign has already killed fifteen thousand people, including at least five thousand children.

“If the international community and governments like Scotland’s use our voice to call for peace, it can make a difference.

”Today’s vote is an opportunity for MSPs from all parties to come together and send a clear message of solidarity to the people of Gaza.

“I hope that our Parliament will show the moral and political leadership that has been lacking in Westminster and that every MSP who cares about the rights and lives of Palestinians shows the courage of their convictions by backing the First Minister’s motion.”

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