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Scottish Tories Challenged Over Universal Credit Cuts

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The SNP’s Work and Pensions spokesperson has challenged Scottish Tory MPs to stand up for low-income families in Scotland and back his campaign rejecting the Tory government’s planned cuts to Universal Credit.

David Linden MP’s (pictured) call comes after a YouGov poll revealed two-thirds of people in Scotland are opposed to the Tory government’s plans to slash the benefit.

The Glasgow MP, who launched a campaign against the cuts this month, has criticised the proposal, saying the move will hit six million people at a time when furlough winds down completely and energy prices rise.

Commenting, David Linden MP said:

“Douglas Ross and the rest of the spineless Scottish Tory MPs consistently fail to stand up for Scotland and run to fall into line behind Boris Johnson – whether that be to slash aid for the world’s poorest, impose Brexit against Scotland’s will, or vote against extending free school meals and for cruel migration policies.

“It’s time they all grew a backbone, stood up for low-income families in Scotland and backed my campaign, which rejects the Chancellor’s disastrous plans to slash Universal Credit and urges him to make the uplift permanent and extend it to legacy benefits.

“Not only will it hit half a million Scots, but it will knock out the benefits for the Scottish Child Payment.

“By failing to stand against these plans the Scottish Tories are failing to stand up for Scotland, given the majority of people here against them.

“We have seen time and again that we cannot trust the Tories to protect the people of Scotland or our recovery – it is vital that we have a choice over our future in a referendum for recovery.”

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