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Scottish Tory Leader on Borrowed Time After Johnson Resignation U-Turn

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Responding to Douglas Ross’ comments that the Prime Minister should stay in post even if he is fined for breaking his own lockdown rules with parties at Downing St, SNP Depute Westminster Leader Kirsten Oswald MP said:

“Douglas Ross has shattered the last of any credibility he may have had.

“Having marched his Holyrood group up to the top of the hill demanding Boris Johnson’s resignation, he has left himself and his MSPs looking utterly ridiculous.

“He is a lame duck leader, and is now on borrowed time as head of the Tory branch office in Scotland.

“Just a month or so ago he was adamantly calling for Boris Johnson to be removed from Downing Street over his repeated rule-breaking– yet now he thinks he should carry on in post even if that rule-breaking is confirmed with a police fine.

“It’s as if he thinks we’ll all just forget that he submitted a letter of no-confidence in the Prime Minister just weeks ago.

“We already have confirmation by the Metropolitan Police that the law was, indeed, broken by Downing Street and initial fines have already been issued but Douglas Ross has seemingly decided that he no longer cares that the Prime Minister took the whole of the UK for fools.

“His weasel words that this isn’t the time to pursue such issues is sheer hypocrisy given that just a year ago he and his party tabled a no-confidence motion in the First Minister at the height of the pandemic.”

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