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Scottish Tory MP’s Must Finally Break Their Silence on Boris Johnson

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Douglass Ross left abandoned and exposed by Westminster colleagues.

The SNP has said Scottish Tory MPs must “finally break their silence” and back calls for Boris Johnson to resign – warning it is now their own integrity on the line.

So far, not a single Scottish Tory MP has backed Douglas Ross in demanding Boris Johnson’s resignation.

Instead, Scottish Secretary Alister Jack has chosen to remain on the ministerial payroll, and give his full backing to the Prime Minister, and Andrew Bowie, David Duguid, John Lamont, and David Mundell have gone into hiding – leaving their Scottish Tory Leader exposed.

It comes as senior Tory Cabinet ministers dismissed Mr Ross, with Jacob Rees-Mogg calling him a “lightweight” and saying “I don’t think he’s a big figure”, and Michael Gove saying “my instant response is he’s in Elgin and the national Tory leader is in London.”

Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said:

“It’s time for Scottish Tory MPs to finally break their silence over Boris Johnson’s blatant rule-breaking and join calls for the Prime Minister to resign.

“Boris Johnson is unfit for office.

“It’s clear that he won’t do the decent thing of his own accord, so Tory MPs must take responsibility and force him out.

“Their own integrity is now on the line.

“It beggars belief that not a single Scottish Tory MP has backed Douglas Ross.

“Instead they’ve chosen to remain on the ministerial payroll and side with Boris Johnson, or go into hiding – leaving Mr Ross abandoned and exposed.

“It raises serious questions over whether the Scottish Tory Leader carries any influence with his own MPs or is effectively only leader in name – at a time when senior Tory Cabinet ministers are dismissing him as a ‘lightweight’ and a nobody.

“If Boris Johnson doesn’t go, there will soon be questions over Douglas Ross’ own future.

“It’s impossible to see how both Mr Ross and the Prime Minister can remain in post with any credibility, when neither have confidence in the other.”

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