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Shinty – Single Team Cup Draw

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The draw for Single Team Cup was made by Camanachd Association President, Steven MacKenzie on Monday 30th January.

It is the latest cup to be drawn with the cottages.com MacTavish Cup draw taking place on Monday 23rd, the Strathdearn Cup Draw happening on Friday 27th and the Artemis Macaulay Cup draw before Christmas.

The Single Team Cup is for clubs with only one team in the area leagues of shinty.

This is the competition’s 2nd year with Col-Glen winning the inaugural competition in 2022.

Steven Mackenzie, Camanachd Association President, said:

“This was an exciting competition last year and it is certainly looking like another entertaining year for the teams involved.

“This competition offers a chance for teams who might not particularly have a lot of depth to compete against similar sized clubs and gives these teams something realistic to aspire to.

“If you look at last year’s final, both Col-Glen and Glengarry were very passionate about the competition and indeed Col-Glen were able to use it as a stepping stone and secure Mowi National Division Shinty by winning South Division 1.

“Best of luck to all of the teams involved.”  

Single Team Cup Competition

    Northern Section      Southern Section
Aberdeen UniBoleskineGlengarryLewisLochcarronStrathspey  ArdnamurchanBallachulishKilmoryStrachur – DunoonTayforth  

 Single Team Cup Competition 1st Round 15th April

Northern Section

  1. Lewis         v       Glengarry             
  2. Strathspey v       Boleskine                       
  3. Bye Aberdeen University                 
  4. Bye Lochcarron  

Southern Section

  • Tayforth     v       Kilmory                          
  • Bye Ballachulish                                      
  • Bye Ardnamurchan              
  • Bye Strachur – Dunoon

       Single Team Cup Competition 2nd Round 13th May

1)    Aberdeen University v      Lochcarron

2)    Lewis / Glengarry           v      Strachur – Dunoon

3)    Tayforth / Kilmory   v      Strathspey      / Boleskine

4)    Ardnamurchan        v      Ballachulish

Single Team Cup Competition Semi Final 17th June 2022

1) Lewis / Glengarry / Strachur – Dunoon             v

Aberdeen University / Lochcarron

2) Tayforth / Kilmory /   Strathspey / Boleskine           v

Ardnamurchan     / Ballachulish

Single Team Cup Competition Final 15th July

Lewis / Glengarry / Strachur – Dunoon / Aberdeen University / Lochcarron


Tayforth / Kilmory / Strathspey / Boleskine / Ardnamurchan / Ballachulish

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