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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

SNP Call for Details Over Plan to Quarantine UK Arrivals

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Concerns raised over The Home Secretary’s failure to act until now.

Following reports that the UK government will introduce quarantine measures proposed by the SNP for people travelling to the UK, Joanna Cherry QC MP has called on Priti Patel to make a statement before Parliament – saying the “devil will be in the detail.”

The SNP’s Shadow Home Secretary has repeatedly called for the UK government to introduce urgent health measures for people travelling to the UK – including quarantine measures at the border – to bring the UK into line with other countries.

Last month, the Edinburgh South West MP wrote to the Home Secretary raising concerns about her failure to act, allowing hundreds of thousands of people to enter the UK without any checks whatsoever in the months since the pandemic began.

Commenting, Joanna Cherry QC MP said:

“Following news reports that the UK government may at some point in the future introduce some of the health measures I have been calling for, the Home Secretary must come before Parliament on Monday to make a statement setting out exactly what is being proposed, when it will come into force, and why it has taken until now to be implemented.

“It is deeply concerning that the Home Secretary has taken so long to act – and allowed thousands of people to enter the UK without appropriate checks or measures in place.

“Other countries in Europe and across the world introduced these measures months ago.

“The UK government has been far too slow to act and must now explain why it has taken until now to step up to prevent increased risk of transmission.

“For people to have confidence in the UK government’s approach, it is crucial they put these long-overdue measures in place immediately and set out how this will form part of a considered strategy for easing the lockdown.”

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