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Thursday, May 23, 2024

SNP Demand Douglas Ross Reveals What He Knew About Mone’s PPE Scandal

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The SNP has challenged Douglas Ross to reveal exactly what he knew about the procurement of Covid contracts during his time as junior minister.

Specifically, the SNP has challenged Mr Ross to confirm:

– What date did he learn about PPE Medpro being awarded a £203 million taxpayer funded contract.

– What date did he learn that PPE Medpro was run by the husband of Tory peer, Michelle Mone.

– Did he discuss the PPE Medpro contract with any other ministers or civil servants.

– Did he, at any point, question the contract given to PPE Medpro with ministers or civil servants.

It follows Baroness Mone confirming she lied about her involvement in PPE Medpro – a start-up run by her husband that was awarded £203 million worth of contracts by the UK government Douglas Ross was part of. 

Commenting, the SNP’s Cabinet Office spokesperson, Kirsty Blackman MP said:

“If Douglas Ross has nothing to hide, he will explain exactly what he knew about the Covid contract given to PPE Medpro.

“If he does not, the public will rightly question whether or not he played a role in this multi-million pound scandal. 

“Moreover, Westminster must also ensure that all documentation related to the procurement of PPE equipment from PPE Medpro is published, and explain why the contract was awarded by the UK government to a Tory peer in the first place. 

“Taxpayers deserve answers from this corrupt Westminster government, and they deserve to see those involved held accountable.”

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