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Saturday, June 15, 2024

SNP Demand Draconian Anti-Protest Laws be Scrapped

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The SNP will use an opposition day debate to demand that the draconian anti-protest laws be scrapped.

It comes after several arrests were made during the Coronation weekend using the new powers to clamp down on democratic, peaceful protest.

The actions of the police have vindicated SNP concerns raised during the passage of the bill that were dismissed by ministers.

During the debate Labour will also be challenged to demonstrate their commitment to upholding basic democratic rights.

Commenting, SNP Home Affairs spokesperson Alison Thewliss MP said:

“This shameful piece of legislation clamps down on our basic democratic right to protest, and is quite clearly one of the most draconian pieces of law to pass through parliament in recent memory.

“The anti-protest law can be used to stop the public from seeking to hold placards in the street, see people being arrested for just standing near protesters, and see journalists detained.

“The appalling scenes at the coronation are a chilling insight into what could now become the norm.

“Labour appear to have abandoned their roots  and their principles on this issue, but we are giving them the opportunity to right that wrong and stand with us in trying to repeal this awful legislation on Tuesday.

“Only by voting SNP will the people of Scotland ensure that they have MPs who are willing to stand up for their rights and back actual change for the people of Scotland at the next General Election.”

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