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SNP Demand Labour Come Clean Over Holyrood Powers

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The SNP have demanded that Labour come clean over their plans for Holyrood after Ian Murray, Labour’s Shadow Scotland Secretary, said he does not support any further powers being devolved.

In a recent interview Ian Murray confirmed that a Labour UK government would not devolve key powers to Holyrood, such as employment law, despite Anas Sarwar and Scottish Labour claiming to be in favour of these measures.

This announcement also follows Ian Murray refusing to rule out further use of the undemocratic Section 35 powers which allow the UK government to veto laws passed by the democratically elected Scottish Parliament.

SNP MSP Collette Stevenson has said that Anas Sarwar must stand up against his Westminster bosses and show he is truly committed to protecting devolution and delivering the further powers to Holyrood he has promised voters across Scotland.

Commenting, SNP MSP Collette Stevenson said:

“We’ve seen the Tories repeatedly attempt to undermine the future of the Scottish Parliament and expect it from them, but to have Labour now confessing to it is staggering.

“Anas Sarwar and his Scottish Labour MSPs have promised people across this country that Labour will empower Holyrood to legislate on vital areas such as employment law – it is crucial he now comes out and opposes these comments from his Westminster bosses.

“Power over employment laws would allow the Scottish Parliament to increase the national minimum wages, extend sick pay, and ban fire and rehire – for Labour to be against those questions whether they really are a party of working people.

“It’s increasingly clear that whether the Tories or Labour are in charge, Westminster can’t be trusted on devolution, and the only way to protect the Scottish Parliament from power grabs is with independence.”

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