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Friday, February 23, 2024

SNP Leader Blasts Tories Over Seventh Energy Secretary in Seven Years

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Stephen Flynn, the SNP’s Westminster Leader, has slammed the Tories following the appointment of yet another Energy Secretary. 

Today, Rishi Sunak appointed Claire Coutinho as Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, making her the seventh person to hold the role in as many years.

This comes after news that energy bills are set to be at record highs again this winter with the UK Government under substantial criticism for allowing gas storage facilities to wane, allowing the price of energy to be dictated by gas and failing to properly invest in the green gold rush akin to the EU and the US.

Commenting, the Aberdeen South MP said:

“Seven energy secretaries in seven years is no way to run such an important department and we’re hardly talking about the magnificent seven at that either. 

“The Department for Energy is a revolving door and it’s no surprise the Tories have allowed energy prices to spiral – they’ve failed to invest in gas storage, they’ve refused to join the green energy gold rush and they’ve allowed our bills to be dictated by the price of gas on the international market.

“Aberdeen needs investment if we are to secure jobs here for generations to come and we just aren’t seeing that under the UK Government despite the billions that have flowed south to the Treasury over the years – this latest change is just another sign of Westminster’s reckless disregard when it comes to our region. 

“Scotland is energy rich and our resources are being squandered at the hands of Westminster politicians who are in and out the door in a flash – Scotland can do better and it’s high time we had full control over energy policy to provide fairer bills and drive our economy forward.”

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