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Sunday, June 4, 2023

SNP MP Helps to Launch New International United for Ukraine Network

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The SNP’s Westminster Defence spokesperson has welcomed the launch of a new international network of Parliamentarians to support Ukraine following Russia’s brutal invasion of the country.

The United for Ukraine (U4U) network brings together over 110 Members of Parliaments from 28 countries that are working to support Ukraine both at home and on an international level.

The cross-party, cross-country group consists of European and Transatlantic MPs and MEPs and will aim to pursue “joint political action on EU institutional and EU member state level as well as across the democratic Western world to effectively promote important ideas, actions, and projects, to exchange information, and to engage in broad public lobbying activities in support of Ukraine.”

The SNP’s Stewart McDonald MP – who is one of the founding members of the network – urged Parliamentarians to use the platform to ensure that our “warm words on Ukraine translate into action.”

Commenting, the SNP’s Defence spokesperson Stewart McDonald MP said:

“The devastating war in Ukraine demands a united front from the international community to oppose, isolate and punish Putin’s regime for its abhorrent actions.

“I am delighted to be at the launch of the new United for Ukraine network – which aims to bring together Members of Parliament from 28 countries to coordinate and strengthen support for our Ukrainian partners.

“I welcome the unity in our solidarity and support for Ukraine in the UK, but it’s clear that we must see a concerted effort on an international level to pressure Putin further and to ensure that our warm words on Ukraine translate into action.

“The new cross-party, cross-country group will play a crucial role in acting as an international platform for policy makers to discuss and develop initiatives, and I look to working with international colleagues from Parliaments around the world to see what steps we can take to oppose Putin and support our allies in Ukraine.”

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