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SNP MP Launches Bill Calling for Social Tariff on Energy Bills

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Marion Fellows MP will today (Tuesday) present a Bill in the UK Parliament, that, if passed, would bring in a social tariff on energy bills to support disabled people with the additional costs of running and charging their medical equipment.

Figures released at the end of last year showed that over half (56%) of people from vulnerable households are worried about being cold this winter, this rises to 63% among people living in a household where someone is suffering from a pre-existing health condition or is disabled.

Marion Fellows MP, who is calling on the UK government to support her Bill, is a long time supporter of the ‘Warm this Winter’ campaign which aims to raise awareness of the skyrocketing cost of energy and the extra burden it places upon disabled people to power essential, life-saving equipment.

The SNP has been calling on the UK government to implement a social tariff to support disabled people through the cost of living crisis, alongside the re-introduction of the £400 energy bill rebate.

Commenting, the SNPs Marion Fellows MP said:

“Westminster’s cost of living crisis has seen millions of households across Scotland face higher mortgage payments, energy bills and food costs – and it has disproportionately impacted households with disabled people.

“It is unfair that households with disabled people who rely on life-saving electrical equipment are facing higher than average energy costs or having to choose between heating or charging equipment – they should not have to pay the price for this Tory government’s economic incompetence.

“I am urging the UK government to support my Bill and urgently implement a social energy tariff to financially support disabled people.

“Scotland is an energy rich country with natural resources in abundance – but Westminster is holding us back by raking in the profits our resources have generated and by refusing to devolve energy powers.

“No household in Scotland should be facing fuel poverty.

“The cruel austerity agenda put in place by Westminster does not reflect the values and priorities of Scotland.

“The only way to ensure that Scotland’s values are represented is through voting SNP to send a strong team of MPs to Parliament at the next general election. 

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