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SNP Oppose Shameful Starmer Plan to Slash Tax for The Super Rich

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Drew Hendry – SNP will stand up for working families, not the richest few

The SNP has pledged it will “strongly oppose Labour Party plans to slash taxes for the super-rich at the expense of working families across Scotland” – after Rachel Reeves admitted she was considering the move.

In an interview with the Telegraph from Davos, the Shadow Chancellor was asked whether a Labour Party government would seek to cut taxes for those earning more than £100,000 a year – and she answered ‘yes’.

In response, Unite’s Sharon Graham warned:

“It is increasingly clear that state intervention and investment is needed if we are to achieve net zero, ensure our energy security and retain and grow industries vital to the national interest, such as steel.

“This is something governments in the European Union and US understand and are acting on.

“It is concerning that Rachel Reeves seems to have been moving further away from this position at a Davos event which already epitomises the problem of vast wealth not being distributed fairly or used to invest in the real economy.

“If she does not do the right thing it will be working people and the country’s future success that pay the price for it.”

It comes after Reeves admitted she would continue to impose Tory cuts to public services, in an interview with the Times on Saturday, and follows similar comments by Sir Keir Starmer in an interview with Anushka Athana, in which he admitted a Labour government would not tax the super-rich to redistribute wealth to the poorest.

Commenting, SNP Economy spokesperson Drew Hendry MP said:

“The SNP will strongly oppose Labour Party plans to slash taxes for the super-rich at the expense of working families across Scotland, who are already enduring a Westminster-made cost of living crisis.

“It’s clear the SNP’s strong opposition to austerity cuts will be a major dividing line between the SNP and the Tory-Labour Westminster establishment at the next election.

“It’s shameful that Keir Starmer’s party wants to give handouts to the richest in society, while admitting they will continue Tory spending cuts to public services and the incomes of ordinary working families who are struggling to pay their mortgages, rents and energy bills.

“It shows just how out of touch they are.

“At the general election, voting SNP is the only way to make Scotland Tory-free and make Scotland’s voice heard.

“Unlike Keir Starmer, the SNP will always stand up for Scotland’s values and Scotland’s right to choose our own future with independence.”

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