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Monday, June 17, 2024

SNP Responds to Labour Plans on Constitution

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Commenting on Labour’s latest paper on the constitution, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said:

“After bigging it up for months and months, Gordon Brown has already undermined this report by saying Labour will ignore what the people of Scotland vote for if they reject Labour and impose theirs anyway.

“That is contemptuous.

“They are acting just like the Tories.

“It also shows they have disrespected their own promise in 2014 that power lay with the Scottish people to decide how Scotland is governed and it utterly humiliates Anas Sarwar by driving a coach and horses through his ‘principles’ for reform.

“Ironically, a report which claims to be about strengthening devolution in many cases actually looks set to undermine it. It’s just another Brownhog Day.

“The fact is, Labour are now a pro-Brexit party with a pro-Brexit leader.

“They are completely at one with the Tories when it comes to ignoring Scotland’s vote to remain in the EU, and ignoring the democratic will of the people of Scotland to determine their own future – and nothing in these proposals changes that.

“About the only thing of note that Starmer said today is that it’s now Labour’s view that constitutional policies ‘could not be more relevant’.

“The SNP agrees … independence is the only way we can escape the Tories for good.

“Through independence, Scotland can build a genuine partnership of equals with other nations across these islands – not only protecting the existing powers of the Scottish Parliament, but allowing us to escape the failing Brexit-based UK economic model and build a fairer, more prosperous and sustainable Scotland.” 

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