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Friday, March 1, 2024

SNP Response to Sue Gray Report

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Responding to the publication of the Sue Gray report, the SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford MP said:

“This report is utterly damning and the sordid details highlight the culture of boozy rule-breaking that Boris Johnson presided over.

“The findings also once again expose Boris Johnson’s lies to Parliament and to the public.

“The Prime Minister’s misconduct brings shame on the office he currently clings on to.

“He has displayed contempt – not only to Parliament – but to every single person who followed the rules: those who stayed away from family, those who missed funerals, those who lost someone they loved.

“The failure of leadership came directly from the top.

“And the Prime Minister – in the words of the report – must bear responsibility for the culture.

“If the Prime Minister refuses to do the right thing and resign then it is incumbent upon Tory MPs to step up and to finally do the right thing and remove him from office.

“The bottom line is that the longer they leave Boris Johnson in office the more damage they will do to public trust in this out of touch and broken UK government.”

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