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Saturday, May 18, 2024

SNP Slams Tory Silence on Child Poverty

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The SNP has slammed the Tory leadership candidates for their ‘silence’ on child poverty as a new report highlights the scale of the cost of living with Westminster.
A new report from Citizens Advice Scotland on Universal Credit underlines the struggles households across Scotland are facing – revealing that advice on Universal Credit sanctions has grown by 53% over 2021-22, advice on Universal Credit Budgeting Advances has risen by 25% over 2021-22 and the need for food banks has grown by almost a third (31%) since September 2021.
Whilst recent research has shown that the efforts of the SNP Scottish Government is making a real difference to those struggling, SNP MSP Elena Whitham has said ‘progress is being undermined by decades of Westminster austerity policies and a Tory leadership contest ignoring the cost of living crisis.’
Commenting SNP MSP Elena Whitham said:
“It is utterly shameful to see this increase in foodbank use in a place as wealthy as the UK.

“Yet, sadly, it’s not surprising that every single Tory leadership candidate is silent on the matter of child poverty and the cost of living crisis – instead fighting to cut taxes for the rich and cut public spending.
“The SNP Scottish Government is doing all it can with the powers at its disposal to support households through these tough times, with game-changing policies like the Scottish Child Payment, which research shows are making a real difference to those struggling.
“The last thing Scotland needs is a different Prime Minister.

“We need a different future with independence – with the full welfare and tax powers needed to build a fairer, wealthier and happier country.”

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