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Thursday, February 29, 2024

SNP Table Amendment Slamming Tory Inaction on Key Issues

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The SNP has tabled an amendment to the Queen’s Speech Motion for address condemning the fact the UK Tory government has failed to include Bills on key issues, including to protect worker’s rights, tackle the cost of living and the climate emergency.

Commenting, SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford MP said:

“The Queen’s Speech last week should have included action to put money in people’s pockets, such as uprating benefits by 6% as the Scottish Government has done, and implementing a wide-ranging and balanced windfall tax on companies who have seen increased profits over the last two years as a result of the global situation.

“But the Prime Minister and Chancellor stuck their heads in the sand and ignored these calls – just as they did for a Bill to protect worker’s rights.

“Millions of people needed and expected Westminster to step up to the plate last Tuesday – but it failed them once again.

“The reality is that this Westminster government is too engulfed in sleaze and scandal to do what is necessary to help people make ends meet, and stop them falling into, or further into, poverty and hardship.

“That is why the SNP has tabled an amendment – to urge the UK government to do more to protect and support families in Scotland and the UK.

“The Scottish Government is already doing what it can by doubling the Scottish Child Payment, mitigating the bedroom tax and uprating benefits by 6% but we need Westminster to act.

“The recent council elections in Scotland – where the SNP recorded its highest vote share and its highest number of elected councillors – delivered a clear message to Boris Johnson that his broken government must do much more to help households suffering from the Tory-made cost-of-living crisis.”

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