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SNP to Deliver Council Tax Freeze

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The SNP Scottish Government is expected to fulfil its promise to the people of Scotland by freezing council tax for every single household. 

At the SNP Conference in October 2023, First Minister Humza Yousaf announced that the SNP Government would fully fund a council tax freeze for every home in Scotland to help protect household budgets against a Westminster inflicted cost of living crisis. 

Despite Labour’s best efforts to hike council taxes on hard working households – the SNP is expected to deliver a council tax freeze in all 32 local authorities for the next year. 

In the face of ongoing economic mismanagement from Westminster, the SNP Government will continue to do everything possible to protect household budgets while also ensuring Scotland’s vital public services get the investment they need. 

SNP MSP Willie Coffey, who sits on Holyrood’s Local Government Committee, said:

“The SNP promised to freeze council tax for every household in Scotland – and we will fulfil that promise.

“The fully funded council tax freeze, alongside policies such as the game-changing Scottish Child Payment, ensures that thousands of pounds are put back into the pockets of hard working families in Scotland. 

“Freezing council tax will benefit every single household in Scotland, helping to support people through the Westminster cost of living crisis. 

“The SNP Government is working tirelessly to protect the people of Scotland from cruel Westminster policies.”

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