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SNP Will Fight to Restore Free TV licence for Older People


A vote for SNP is a vote for a fairer pensions system.

SNP MPs will fight against the Tory “betrayal” of pensioners, Nicola Sturgeon will say today (Thursday), as she promised the party will fight for the UK Government to fully fund TV licenses for over 75s.

The SNP Leader said that withdrawing support for the free TV licence was “symptomatic of the way in which the Tories have taken older people for granted” over the last few years.

In a 5-point package of support for pensioners, the SNP also pledged to oppose an increase in the retirement age and to secure justice for WASPI women.

At a campaign visit in the south of Scotland, the First Minister will lay down a challenge to the Tories and Labour to use the next parliament to “fix the pensions system” and secure fairness for older people.

The SNP Leader will say that the Tories have given pensioners “a raw deal” and promised the party will fight to reverse cuts to Pension Credit that leaves older couples in Scotland £7000 worse off per year.

SNP MPs will:

Oppose the Tory’s current plan to increase the State Pension Age to 68 by 2038, and fight against ridiculous proposals to raise the State Pension Age to 75,

Fight to reverse the cut to Pension Credit that means older couples in Scotland could be £7000 worse off per year,

Support the establishment of an Independent Savings and Pension Commission, to ensure pensions and savings policies are fit for purpose and reflect the demographic needs of different parts of the UK,

Stand up for the women in Scotland, and across the UK, who have been short-changed by the Tory Government due to the accelerated timetable for increases in the women’s State Pension Age,

Support the urgent reversal of the decision to make pensioners pay and demand that the UK Government fully fund licences for over 75s

Speaking ahead of the visit, Nicola Sturgeon said:

“The shameful decision to axe support for free TV licenses for over 75s is entirely symptomatic of the way in which this Tory government has taken older people for granted – this election is a chance to hold them to account and vote for a fairer system.

“SNP MPs will fight to make a future UK Government restore the free TV license in the next Parliament – that is the very least that our older people, who have worked and paid their taxes all of their lives, deserve.

“But the SNP will go much further in trying to undo some of the enormous damage done to pensioner incomes over the last few years.

“I call on all parties to join us in pledging that the next parliament will be the one where we fix the pensions system.

“Pensioners and those approaching retirement age shouldn’t have to worry about making ends meet, and many of our older people can’t afford the added pressure Brexit is putting on the cost of living – which is why we need to escape Brexit and give pensioners a better deal.

“On December 12th we have a chance to fight back against the Tory betrayal of our older people. A vote for the SNP is a vote for a fairer pensions system.”

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