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Saturday, May 18, 2024

SNP Will Settle Up Not Settle Down in New Parliamentary Year

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MP’s return to Westminster energised with record polling support.

The SNP has vowed to return to Westminster this week with an energised purpose to deliver independence for Scotland, buoyed by record polling support for the party, the Scottish Government and independence.

Speaking ahead of Parliament’s return on Tuesday, the party’s Deputy Westminster Leader (pictured) put the Tories on notice for their shambolic treatment of asylum seekers and refugees at UK borders and called on the UK government to end its threat to weaken the Scottish Parliament with its reckless UK internal market plans.

Recent polls show record support for the SNP, with a recent Times poll showing constituency support for the party at 57%.

The latest six opinion polls have also shown consistent, sustained majority support for Scottish independence – confirming what is now the established position of the electorate in Scotland.

SNP Deputy Westminster Leader Kirsten Oswald MP said:

“As SNP MPs return to Parliament this week, we’ll keep our promise to the people of Scotland and settle up at Westminster, not settle down.

“The case for the Westminster control of Scotland is weaker than ever.

“Scotland didn’t vote for Boris Johnson, who wants to drag Scotland out of the EU against our will, stigmatises innocent human beings fleeing persecution and his plans for a so-called UK internal market threaten a power grab on the Scottish Parliament.

“The coronavirus crisis has pulled communities together through the toughest circumstances, yet many now face crushing poverty.

“SNP MPs will redouble our efforts to secure the extension of the furlough scheme to protect jobs and demand a vital package of funding to support the millions of forgotten freelancers across the UK.

“These gaps could be fixed if Scotland had the full powers to make its own decisions, but while our European neighbours have extended their support for workers into 2021, the UK government is asleep at the wheel.

“This right-wing Tory government is on notice – and the time for action is now.

“Polls show record support for the SNP, the Scottish Government led by Nicola Sturgeon, and support for Scottish independence higher than any time in recent generations.

“Our message as we return to Parliament is clear – Scotland’s days being governed by Westminster are numbered.”

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