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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Starmer Not Being Honest on Savage Cuts to Public Services

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The SNP has warned “Sir Keir Starmer is not being honest about the massive cuts the Labour Party will impose on public services” – after he repeatedly dodged the question on Sky News.

It comes after Starmer refused to answer Sophie Ridge when she warned:

“Last week’s budget made it very clear that, from next year, we’re going to see some really savage cuts to public spending.

“Really savage cuts.

“I feel you haven’t really been honest with the British people about what you’re going to do about that.

“Are you going to tax more, borrow more, or are you going to become the austerity Prime Minister?”

Venting frustration at the failure to respond, the Sky News presenter repeatedly called on Starmer to “be honest” and responded “oh come on” when he tried to dodge the question again, stating “I want you to be honest with people.

“What are you going to do?

“Are you going to become the austerity Prime Minister if you win the election?…

“The IFS has said £20billion of cuts to public services and you’re not being honest about what you’re going to do.”

It comes after a Labour MP warned under Starmer’s plans the party “will end up being the midwives of austerity 2.0, which will be a disaster for the country”.

Senior Labour Party figures have repeatedly dodged questions over the cuts, despite backing the Tory budget and Tory fiscal rules.

The IFS has warned the UK budget implies a real-terms cut to net public sector investment of more than 25% (£18 billion) between 2024–25 and 2028–29 and up to £25billion on a spending per person basis.

It has accused the Tories and Labour Party of a ‘conspiracy of silence’ over the cuts, warning:

“Government and opposition are joining in a conspiracy of silence in not acknowledging the scale of the choices and trade-offs that will face us after the election.

“They, and we, could be in for a rude awakening when those choices become unavoidable.”

Commenting, SNP Economy spokesperson Drew Hendry MP said:

“Sir Keir Starmer is not being honest about the massive cuts the Labour Party will impose on public services after he recklessly chose to back the Tory budget and Tory fiscal rules.

“The next UK government will have a choice.

“It can either reject austerity and invest in public services – or it can cut them to the bone.

“People in Scotland will be appalled that Starmer has chosen to copy the Tories and take the axe to public services.

“It’s not only hugely damaging for the services we all rely on – it’s also economically illiterate.

“The UK economy is broken because it’s been hammered by Brexit and starved of investment.

“Now, Starmer’s austerity plans will make it even worse – choking off growth.

“It’s clear Starmer will be the austerity Prime Minister – showing why it’s essential to have a strong team of SNP MPs to stand up for Scotland’s values, defend our public services, and offer people the choice of a better future with independence.”

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