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Starmer Still Blocking Free Movement for Young People in The EU

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The SNP has demanded that an incoming Labour government stops blocking free movement in the EU for young people and the opportunities it brings – and pledged to stand up for young Scots and their future back in the EU with independence.

The call comes after Labour’s own London mayor, Sadiq Khan, urged Sir Keir Starmer to rethink his rejection of the EU youth mobility plan.

Last month, the Labour Party rejected a proposal from the EU Commission for a youth mobility scheme that could have allowed 18 to 30 year olds to work, travel and study in the EU – and ruled out any meaningful change to Brexit stating “Labour has no plans for a youth mobility scheme…. A Labour Government would seek to improve the UK’s working relationship with the EU within our red lines – no return to the single market, customs union or free movement.”

Commenting, former MEP and SNP candidate for Stirling and Strathallan, Alyn Smith said:

“The SNP is the only party focussed on the priorities of young Scots and offering them a route back to the EU, single market and freedom of movement with independence – that is why it is essential to vote SNP on 4th July.

“Sir Keir Starmer is failing to listen to his own London mayor, nevermind the young people who are being denied the opportunity to work, live and travel across Europe.

“Sir Keir Starmer enjoyed those rights when he was young but he is making the political choice to rip away those same rights to this generation of young people 

“The Labour party is on the wrong side of young people and on the wrong side of history on this issue – and it shows the only way to regain the huge benefits of the EU is for Scotland to become an independent country.

“This broken, Brexit Britain isn’t working for Scotland and our young people.

“Westminster’s Brexit has hammered the economy, fuelled the cost of living crisis, crippled the NHS, and robbed people in Scotland of the right to live, work and study across the EU – but both Labour and the Tories are content with this.

“Voting SNP at the general election is the only way to advance Scotland’s route back to the EU and demand a better future for young people – a future made in Scotland for Scotland.”

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