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Statement From Douglas Ross The New Scottish Conservative Leader

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Newly-elected Scottish Conservative party leader Douglas Ross MP (pictured) has pledged to focus not on the divisions of the past but on rebuilding and restoring Scotland.

Speaking ahead of his first appearance as Scottish Conservative and Unionist party leader in Forres this afternoon, Douglas has said he will deliver a positive and credible alternative to the SNP for everyone who wants to move the country forward to a post-referendum Scotland.

Douglas has also confirmed he will deliver a jobs plan within his first month as leader.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said:

“Becoming the leader of the Scottish Conservatives today is the honour and privilege of a lifetime.

“I want to thank all those who have given me so much encouragement over the last week.

“In taking on this job today, I am applying for another: to champion a post-referendum Scotland where we focus not on the divisions of the past but on rebuilding our country from the brink, restoring our reputation for educational excellence, empowering our regions and remote communities, and providing the decent jobs that everyone can aspire to.

“I am applying to work for anyone and everyone in Scotland who wants that to be the focus of our national debate, who wants to move the country forward, and wants that work to start now.

“I begin this next step in my life as many young people consider their own futures.

“The nervous wait for exam results by thousands of young Scots yesterday ended for too many – particularly for those from more disadvantaged areas – in disappointment, confusion and anger. 

“As leader, education will be a crucial policy area for the Scottish Conservatives.

“Right now, I know many young people and teachers don’t feel that it is a top priority for the Scottish Government.

“All of this requires a huge amount of work – in a short space of time.

“But my guarantee to Scots is that when we head to the polling stations next May, the Scottish Conservatives will provide them with the credible and competent alternative to the SNP that the country so desperately needs.”

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