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Stay Safe This Christmas

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The Highland Alcohol & Drugs Partnership (HADP) has produced a series of awareness raising messages aimed at encouraging people to make healthier, safer choices and reduce the risks associated with drug and alcohol use. 

The messages are being shared over social media platforms during the 12 days of Christmas. 

Many of us can be tempted to drink more than usual over the festive season.

However, a low risk approach to alcohol has benefits for health and wellbeing as well as relationships. 

The 12 days of Christmas messages provide lots of useful tips on ways to reduce alcohol use but we would also recommend visiting the www.count14.scot website for further information.

The 12 days of Christmas messages will run alongside HADP’s annual Festive Stay Safe radio campaign. 

Key messages include information on signs, symptoms and responses to drug overdose, as well as useful information on reducing other risks associated with alcohol and drug use, particularly over the holiday season. 

As well as busting myths about overdose the festive messages will also highlight the importance of calling 999 when someone has overdosed.

An overdose is a medical emergency so every second counts.

Additional information on preventing overdose and where to get help with drug and alcohol use can be found on the new Highland Overdose Prevention & Engagement App, also known as the HOPE App.

Download the App for free now, available for both Android and iPhones.  

Other messages will raise awareness of the potential harms from mixing cocaine and alcohol as well as general health and wellbeing tips. 

The HADP Festive Stay Safe campaign will also promote why the language we use matters when we are describing people with drug and alcohol problems.

We know that stigma can be one of the biggest barriers to accessing help and support. 

We believe people should not be defined by their alcohol or drug use, as it is only one aspect of their life.

To find out more about our People First – Language Matters Partner Pledge visit us at www.highland-adp.org.uk Language matters because people matter, we can all help to challenge and reduce stigma. 

HADP Chair Melanie Newdick said:

“The festive season is a fantastic opportunity to relax and enjoy ourselves.

“It’s a great time of year but also a time when some of us may be tempted to drink more than usual or use drugs. 

“Our 12 days of Christmas social media messages have tips on how to reduce the risks from alcohol and drug use.

“Please make yourself familiar with them so you can stay safe and well throughout.”

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