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Stephen Flynn Calls for Immediate Ceasefire in Gazza

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Stephen Flynn MP has called for the UK government to support an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, and the region – to protect innocent civilians, women and children.

At Prime Ministers Questions, the SNP Westminster Leader called for a ceasefire to enable the creation of safe corridors out of Gaza for innocent civilians, and for safe corridors into Gaza for food, water, medical and humanitarian supplies.

Stephen Flynn MP also called for the UK government to establish a refugee resettlement scheme, akin to previous schemes for Ukraine, Syria and Afghanistan, for which the Scottish Government has already confirmed Scotland will play a leading role in resettling refugees.

Commenting after PMQs, SNP Westminster Leader Stephen Flynn MP said:

“We must all continue to unequivocally condemn the abhorrent terrorist attack on the Jewish people and Israeli state – and fully support the defeat of Hamas and the return of hostages.

“But we must also ensure that innocent civilians, women and children are protected – and that the Palestinian people are not collectively punished for the actions of a terrorist group.

“It is essential that the UK government now backs an immediate ceasefire in the region to allow for the creation of humanitarian corridors, so that innocent civilians can leave, and so that food, water, medicine and humanitarian supplies can enter.

“I also reiterate our call for a UK government and international resettlement scheme, which the Scottish Government has already made clear Scotland will play a leading role in supporting, so that innocent refugees in the region can find safety and sanctuary.”

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