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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Stephen Flynn Elected as SNP Westminster Leader

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Stephen Flynn, the Member of Parliament for Aberdeen South, has been elected as the new Scottish National Party (SNP) Westminster Leader, supported by Mhairi Black MP who has been elected as the new Deputy Leader.

Following their election at a meeting of the SNP Westminster parliamentary group, Stephen Flynn and Mhairi Black will lead the SNP’s team of MPs as they stand up for Scotland’s interests and democratic right to hold an independence referendum.

The SNP is the third party in the UK parliament, and the largest party in Scotland, representing 44 of the 59 Scottish constituencies at Westminster.

Commenting, SNP Westminster Leader Stephen Flynn MP said:

“It’s an honour to be elected to lead the SNP’s strong and talented team of MPs during such a crucial period for Scotland.

“Under my leadership, SNP MPs will be relentlessly focused on standing up for Scotland’s interests and our democratic right to decide our future in an independence referendum.

“Families across Scotland are paying a devastating price under Westminster control, with Brexit, austerity cuts and the Tory cost of living crisis hammering household budgets.

“SNP MPs will work harder than ever to hold the Tory government to account – and make the case that independence is the essential route to safety, fairness and prosperity for Scotland.

“I would like to thank Alison Thewliss and Stuart McDonald who are both hugely talented MPs and will continue to play a key role in our movement.

“I would also like to pay tribute to Ian Blackford MP and Kirsten Oswald MP, who have been a fantastic leadership team and will be welcome sources of advice as we move forward together.”

Mhairi Black MP added:

“I’m delighted to have been elected as SNP Westminster Deputy Leader and look forward to working closely with Stephen Flynn and MP’s across the parliamentary party as we stand up for Scotland and make the case for independence.

“Westminster is failing Scotland. With the Tories and Labour Party both wedded to Brexit, austerity cuts and democracy denial, it’s clearer than ever that independence is the only way to escape the damage of Westminster control and get Scotland back on the path to prosperity.”

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