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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Stone Lambasts Government Over “Shameless” Refugee Scheme

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Reacting to the news that the Government plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda whilst their claims are processed in the UK – after Refugee Minister Lord Harrington ruled out such a move last week – Liberal Democrat MP for the Far North, Jamie Stone, commented:

“This Government is utterly shameless.

“Boris Johnson is clearly weaponising a most vulnerable group to distract from his lies and lawbreaking.

“These dystopian proposals will be expensive for taxpayers, while doing nothing to stop dangerous Channel crossings or combat the smuggling and trafficking gangs.

“After almost three years of posturing, Boris Johnson and Priti Patel have only made the problems worse.

“The Highlands, indeed the whole of the UK, has a proud history of providing sanctuary to those in need.

“Thousands of families are opening their homes to refugees, but this Conservative Government is slamming the door in their face.”

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