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Structural Work Begins on New Accessible Roof Terrace for Inverness Castle Experience

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Last week, the first major phase of work started to install a new universally accessible roof terrace, which will form part of the visitor experience at Inverness Castle, involving the careful removal of an original section of a concealed slate roof and the installation of a new structural deck in its place.

The roof steel will be lifted and lowered in through a pre-prepared opening in existing roof structure.

As a temporary measure only, part of the existing roof will be retained to avoid opening the full area of terrace to the inclement weather.

The new deck, which will be craned into place behind the parapet over the main entrance of the former courthouse, will provide visitors with unparalleled views across Inverness and down the Great Glen.

Access to the new terrace will be via a new public lift, which is currently being installed discreetly within the historic fabric.

In addition, and at the same time, a new circular steel frame was craned in through the same roof opening.

The circular frame will be positioned in the room below the new roof terrace to hold the historic Rose Window, which is currently undergoing careful restoration away from site.

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