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Sunak as Bad for Scotland as Johnson

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Rishi Sunak would be just as bad as Boris Johnson for Scotland, the SNP has warned as the disgraced former Chancellor emerged as the frontrunner to replace outgoing Prime Minister, Liz Truss.

Lamenting the disastrous record of the Tory UK government over 12 years and the economic chaos the next leader is set to usher in, the SNP’s Depute Westminster Leader, Kirsten Oswald MP, said only independence could bring about a permanent end to Tory chaos. 

The lockdown-lawbreaking former Chancellor ushered in a new era of Tory cuts, slashing Universal Credit for families during a cost of living crisis while consistently opposing measures to support struggling households through a mess of his own making.

Commenting, Kirsten Oswald MP said:

“When it comes down to it, it’s clear Sunak would be just as bad as Johnson for Scotland.

“The disgraced former Chancellor sat alongside Boris Johnson as he wreaked havoc on the country and the economy, consistently opposing measures to help families through his cost of living crisis.

“The last thing Scotland needs is another Tory Prime Minister it didn’t vote for, let alone a super-rich austerity-driven Brexiteer with a record of law-breaking in office.

“Scotland needs a clean break with the full powers of independence to escape this mess for good.

“With the economy in turmoil thanks to the mess he started it’s imperative Scotland is able to chart its own course, using independence as a means to get rid of the rotten Tories once and for all.

“Any idea Sunak would be better, or more palatable, than Johnson is laughable and demonstrably false, with his record being one of austerity as he slashed Universal Credit for struggling families in the midst of a cost of living crisis he created.

“The reality is he would be just as bad as Boris Johnson, as would any other Tory Prime Minister Scotland didn’t vote for, they all had a role in the chaos and calamity we’re being made to suffer through now. 

“As the second Tory leadership race in just a few short weeks gets underway it’s increasingly clear that no matter who wins, Scotland loses and the only we can win is with an end to Tory rule forever.

“That can only come with independence.”

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