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Supporting Transgender Young People

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New guidance to help schools better support transgender children and young people has been published.

The guidance contains real-life examples, best practice and advice on a wide range of issues that are known to affect transgender pupils including bullying, safety and privacy.

The guidance also recognises the importance of privacy and safe spaces for girls and boys within schools.

Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville (pictured) said:

“Pupils are happier and learn more at school when they feel safe, respected and included.

“We know transgender young people can face many issues in schools and that teachers and staff must have the confidence and skills to support their mental, physical and emotional health.

“This guidance outlines how schools can support transgender young people while ensuring that the rights of all pupils are fully respected. It provides schools with practical suggestions.

“The guidance is not prescriptive and does not promote transitioning.”

Carrie Lindsay, President of the Association of Directors of Education Scotland, said:

“ADES welcomes any resource that helps give schools information and advice about how they can ensure an inclusive school ethos and environment for all of our children and young people.”

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