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Swinney Welcomes UK Election

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Put Scotland first by voting SNP.

Responding to the news that a UK General election is to take place on 4th July, SNP Leader John Swinney said:
“I very much look forward to leading the SNP in this election campaign.
“This is the moment to remove the Tory government and put Scotland first by voting SNP.

“We will work night and day to protect them from the damage done by Westminster.
“The SNP offers a better future to the broken Westminster consensus.
“In this election we’ll be making the case why decisions about Scotland should be made here – and I’ll take that message to every part of Scotland.
“In government, we’ve grown Scotland’s economy, doubled frontline funding for the NHS and ensured Scotland has the highest number of GPs per head in the UK.

“We’re helping with the cost of living through measures such as free prescriptions, free bus travel for under-22s and off-peak rail fares all day.
“A vote for the SNP is a vote to put Scotland first – and for Scotland to become an independent country.”

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