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Sunday, May 19, 2024

The Tories Have Created a Poison Pill to Silence Scottish Democracy

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The SNP has today slammed Westminster Tories for creating a “poison pill” to derail Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme (DRS).
This came after the UK government sent a letter late last night demanding the Scottish Government remove glass from the DRS, despite the Scottish Parliament voting for regulations which include glass in its scheme.
This morning, the UK government confirmed it had “accepted” the Scottish government’s request “on a temporary and limited basis”.

Under UK government proposals, the scheme would cover PET plastic, aluminium, and steel cans – but not glass, a key component of the Scottish scheme.
Commenting, Keith Brown MSP said:
“Scottish politicians under every banner should be gravely concerned about the Tory UK government’s increasing disregard of Scottish democracy – and what this means for the future of devolution.
“This is being presented as an agreement from the UK government- this is dishonest.

“The Tories have created a poison pill to shamelessly undermine Scotland’s DRS Legislation.

“It is even doubtful whether they truly want to see it enacted.
“The mask has long fallen off this sham “union of equals” – with independence, Scotland would be free to follow its own path and make its own laws – without the constant threat of Tory claw backs.”

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