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The UK’s Most Searched for Used Car Models According to Google

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A recent study has revealed the UK’s most searched-for used cars, with the Kia Sportage taking the crown.

The study by car finance refund experts Undisclosed.co.uk evaluated the number of yearly searches for 145 models of used cars across 29 brands, to find which is searched for the most.

This analysis reveals insights into the most coveted used cars in each UK city.

The study found that the Kia Sportage is the most searched-for used car in the UK, with an average of 33,970 searches each year for ‘used kia sportage,’ underlining the high demand for this South Korean SUV among UK used car buyers.

The Sportage, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, was also the most Googled used car in 38 out of 58 UK cities analysed, including Birmingham, Glasgow, and Liverpool.

The Nissan Qashqai takes second place, with 29,230 searches for ‘used nissan qashqai’ across the UK each year.

This Japanese car was the most searched-for used car in eight cities analysed, including Leicester, Newcastle, and Portsmouth.

The newest Qashqai model in Europe boasts Nissan’s exclusive e-POWER tech, which is aimed at those who want to lower their emissions, but aren’t yet set for a fully electric vehicle.

Coming in third is the Ford Fiesta, recording around 28,380 searches each year for the term “used ford fiesta.”

Although production of this beloved model ceased in July this year after 47 years and eight generations, it continues to be a popular choice in the used car market most likely due to its reliable nature.

As of Q4 2022, the Fiesta was the UK’s most registered car on UK roads, according to data from the DVLA.

The American car company’s most popular model is the most searched-for in four cities, including London, Bath, Coventry, and Edinburgh.

Securing the fourth spot is the BMW 1 Series, drawing in approximately 23,640 yearly searches.

The German car model, which is part of the BMW group encompassing brands such as Mini, Rolls-Royce, and BMW Motorrad, appears in the top five used car searches for Derby, Southampton, and Manchester, with the search term “used BMW 1 Series.”

Rounding off the top five, the Audi A1 came fifth place with around 22,870 yearly searches dedicated to “used audi a1.”

The German car company’s reputation for quality alongside the A1’s compact yet premium appeal has made it a favourite among UK drivers.

Volvo XC40 takes sixth place with approximately 21,610 searches each year, which is testament to the Swedish car company’s ability to create a desirable compact SUV.

Seventh place goes to the Ford Focus with 21,110 yearly searches. 

Coming in eighth is the Audi A3, bringing in approximately 20,630 searches per year, and the VW Golf secures the ninth spot with 19,490 searches each year.

Rounding out the top ten most searched for used cars is the Volvo XC90, drawing 17,920 searches for “used volvo xc90” each year.

This large SUV model from the Swedish car company continues to capture the interest of many used car searchers in the UK.

Ben Snape, Director at Undisclosed.co.uk commented:

“Taking a look at these figures, it’s quite fascinating to see that the Kia Sportage is the used car model grabbing the attention of most UK buyers, despite being more pricey than some of the hatchbacks on the list.

“When we consider the car brands people are searching for the most, the searches put Ford in the lead, followed by Audi and BMW.

“This peek into consumer search trends offers a great insight for those looking to sell their own vehicle, and whether there is likely to be a demand for it.”

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