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There is No Doubt That Scotland’s Future is in The EU

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The SNP’s Angus Robertson will today (Saturday) say he has “no doubt” that Scotland will rejoin the EU as an independent country.
Speaking at the YSI’s international conference, “Our European Future”, Robertson is expected to make the argument that it is neither sustainable or credible for Westminster to continue deny democracy in Scotland and stop people voting for Scotland to become a normal independent, European country.

Since the EU referendum vote in 2016, where people across Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, Westminster has ignored and damaged Scotland with its pursuit of Brexit. 
Commenting, the SNP’s Angus Robertson said:
“Scotland is, and has always been, a proudly progressive and internationalist country, but recent years have made it clearer than ever that those values are now completely at odds with Westminster.
“Whether it’s Brexit or austerity, the Westminster parties are hell-bent of forcing people across Scotland to suffer as a result of damaging decisions they don’t vote for by denying Scotland a choice over its future.
“When the people of Scotland have consistently voted to reject the right-wing policies now adopted by the Westminster parties which are hurting people and businesses across our country, it is neither sustainable or credible for Scotland to be denied the right to choose a different future.
“There is no doubt in my mind that, when Scotland has the chance, people will vote to become an independent country in the EU – a future where democracy is respected, Scotland’s potential can be realised, and where we can work with institutions like the EU which share Scotland’s values and goals.
“With all the Westminster parties now engaged in a ‘conspiracy of silence’ when it comes to leaving the EU and public service cuts, voting SNP is the only way to build a better, independent, European Scotland.” 

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