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Third Tory Leader Cannot Be Imposed Without an Election

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The SNP has said the Tories “cannot be allowed to impose a third Prime Minister without a general election” – as pressure mounts on Tory MPs to give voters a say.

Following the news Rishi Sunak will be installed as the latest Tory leader, Ian Blackford MP said the Tories were “running scared of democracy” and have no mandate to install a third leader or impose austerity cuts to cover the devastating cost of their mini budget.

It comes as a growing number of backbench Tory MPs admit there needs to be an election – with Sir Christopher Chope MP telling the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme “I think a general election is essentially the only answer” and Nadine Dorries MP tweeting “It will now be impossible to avoid a general election”.

Polls show voting SNP could wipe the Tories out in Scotland.

Recent polls from YouGov, Panelbase, ComRes and Survation all show the SNP on course to gain seats – with every Tory seat in Scotland in play, including that of Scottish Tory Leader Douglas Ross MP and Scottish Secretary Alister Jack MP.

Commenting, SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford MP said:

“The Tories cannot be allowed to impose a third Prime Minister without a general election – voters must get a say and the SNP is determined to ensure they do.

“The Tory government had no mandate to trash the UK economy with its disastrous budget.

“And it has no mandate to install yet another leader who will impose devastating austerity cuts – making households pay through their teeth for Tory mistakes.

“No one voted for this.

“The only reason the Tories are running scared of democracy is because they fear the verdict of the people.

“There’s no better indication of that than the polling in Scotland, which shows voting SNP could wipe the Tories out completely.

“The decisions that are made in the weeks and months ahead will be hugely significant and will impact the economy, public services and household budgets for years to come.

“Voters must get a say on what course they want to take – instead of having damaging decisions imposed against our will.

“The SNP will continue to put maximum pressure on Tory MPs to hold an election.

“And, I’ve written to Keir Starmer making clear SNP MPs will back a vote of no confidence in the Tory government, if he tables one this week.

“The Tory economic crisis and constant chaos at Westminster shows exactly why Scotland needs independence, so we can get rid of Westminster Tory governments for good.”

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