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Thousands of Scots Subject to Cruel Tory Benefit Cap

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Thousands of households in Scotland are subject to the cruel Tory benefit cap, where households see their social security payments capped by the DWP.

The latest figures show that 3,146 households had their Universal Credit capped up to November 2022. Since the cap was introduced, 26,858 households have been subjected to the cap.

SNP MP David Linden has introduced a Private Members’ Bill which would force the Secretary of State for the DWP to produce a report into the impact of scrapping the benefit cap.

Commenting, Mr. Linden, who is also the SNP’s social justice spokesperson said:

“The Tory benefit cap is one of the cruelest policies introduced by the DWP which limits the support given to some of the lowest income households in the country.

“During a cost-of-living crisis made entirely by the Tories they should be giving a helping hand to households, but instead they are punishing them.

“The benefit cap has a profound effect on household budgets and forces people to food banks and further into a spiral of poverty.

“It is a tale of two governments for the people of Scotland as the Scottish Government is building a social security system built on fairness dignity and respect.

“It has introduced support that has been described as ‘game-changing’ by anti-poverty charities.

“Plus, the Scottish Government does all it can within its limited powers to mitigate the benefit cap through Discretionary Housing Payments.

“However, it continues to act with one hand tied behind its back by a Westminster government that is more obsessed with cutting support than giving it those on the lowest incomes.

“The only way for Scotland to build a fairer, more equal nation is to become an independent country.”

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