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Top Critic Hails Quality of Highland Comedians at Edinburgh Fringe

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Comedy Critic and previous judge in the Perrier Comedy Awards, Kate Copstick, has complemented the Highland comedic talent performing at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

Ms Copstick, who is covering the Fringe for national newspapers and as well as hosting her own Festival Podcast, said in a review of Highlands based ‘Shogun Joe and the Vagabonds’ comedy group that leader ‘Shogun’ Joe Sweeney “is a funny, funny man, so watchable, a great bloke”

She also went on to say that Hazel Urquhart, 25 from Brora was “anecdotal and chatty” when complimenting her set that is based on whisky distiller tours.

Hazel Urquhart The Fringe

Joe Sweeney, 54, from Inverness who is performing as ‘Shogun Joe’ said:

“To be recognised by such an authority on UK comedy is a real honour but when she came to our show, I could see she was really enjoying it”

On the night of the review, Joe Gilhooly, 24, from London, also performed.

“I started my comedy career in the north of Scotland when I was a student and Joe kindly asked me to join him and the guys in Edinburgh.

“I was shocked that Kate Copstick even noticed me but for her to say that I was ‘surprisingly dark for one so mild mannered’ is just the kind of boost a young comedian like me needs”

Ms Copstick also invited the Highlanders on to her ‘Slaughtered’ podcast to chat more about the Highland comedy scene.

On the night, the two Joes were joined by Gary Campbell, Chair of the Inverness based Chieftain Comedy Club.

The club was set up to promote and assist anyone in the Highlands who wants to try out as a comedian or improve their comedy routines.

‘Shogun Joe and the Vagbonds’ features only Chieftain Comedy Club members.

Mr Campbell, 55 from Inverness, who himself performed at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe as comedian Gary Aye said:

“It was great that Kate has recognised how well the comedy scene in the Highlands is doing and even better when on the night she said that one of Shogun Joe’s jokes was the best she’d heard at this year’s fringe.

“She was also genuinely surprised to discover that young Joe Gilhooly had only started in comedy early this year”

For the podcast, the Highlanders were joined by Dr Phil Hammond, TV Doctor and professional comedian and Phil Buckley Hill, founder and promoter of the Edinburgh Free Fringe.

“To be in the company of such comedy royalty was a real treat” said Gary Campbell “and it was also great to hear that the best promotion of Mr Buckley Hill’s career as he started out 40 years ago was on Moray Firth Radio.

“As you can imagine, we immediately had to invite him north to perform again!”

Shogun Joe and the Vagabonds are performing at Space UK until Saturday 27th August.

“For those that can’t make it to Edinburgh though” said Joe Sweeney last night “we will be back in town for a homecoming performance at the next Chieftain Comedy Club night on 1 September at the Chieftain Hotel in Inverness”

Shogun Joe and The Vagabonds in Edinburgh – https://www.thespaceuk.com/edinburgh/thespace-surgeons-hall/

Kate Copstick’s podcast can be found by clicking here

Chieftain Comedy Club can be contacted via Facebook by clicking here

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