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Top Tory Exposes Ruth Davidson as Trading in Gossip

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Commons Leader Jacob Rees-Mogg (pictured) has exposed Ruth Davidson as trading in gossip.

Speaking in the Commons, Rees-Mogg dodged a question from SNP MP Tommy Sheppard by changing the subject to the Scottish Parliament Committee’s inquiry into Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints, saying: “(Mr Sheppard) doesn’t want to get on to the rather juicy gossip that’s coming out of the SNP as well.”

Rees-Mogg spoke as Ruth Davidson brought up that “juicy gossip” in the Scottish Parliament at First Minister’s Questions.

Commenting, Tommy Sheppard said:

“Proving even a stopped watch is occasionally right, Jacob Rees-Mogg has exposed Ruth Davidson as trading in no more than petty gossip.

“With Scotland in the grip of the twin health and economic crises of Covid, and with a No-deal Tory Brexit now imminent, Ruth Davidson chose to take up precious parliamentary time by asking the First Minister what she talks about at home with her husband.

“It appears Ruth Davidson is judging Scotland’s First Minister by her own low regard for propriety in public office.

“Davidson clearly believes everyone shares confidential tittle-tattle with their spouse, proving yet again she is not fit for opposition let alone Government.

“And Jacob Rees-Mogg’s reference to ‘juicy gossip’ further exposes what is now plain for all to see – that the Tories are treating the parliamentary committee as a blatantly partisan political exercise, with no regard whatsoever for the serious issues at its heart.

“Meanwhile, Scotland’s First Minister will continue to respect the trust placed in her by the people of Scotland by maintaining her impeccably high standards of propriety.

“And instead of peddling tittle-tattle, soon-to-be Baroness Davidson might use her time more constructively by resigning in protest – as she vowed to do – after Boris Johnson placed Scotland at a Brexit disadvantage to Northern Ireland.”

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