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Tories and Labour Challenged to Come Clean on Public Service Cuts

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The SNP has challenged Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer to “come clean on where the axe will fall” – amid warnings of £20billion of cuts to public services.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies estimates that most departments will suffer cuts totalling around £20billion by 2028–29 – leading to SNP warnings that Westminster will impose another decade of austerity under Sunak or Starmer.

SNP Economy spokesperson Drew Hendry MP said Starmer is “wrong to copy the Tories on imposing swingeing cuts to public services” – after the Labour Party leader backed all the main measures in the Tory budget and ruled out taxing the wealthy to protect public services.

It comes as Labour National Campaign Coordinator Pat McFadden MP was also forced to admit to BBC Newsnight that the Labour Party supports all of the Tory budget and has identical fiscal rules – leading presenter Victoria Derbyshire to say “You’re backing all of today’s budget, you’ve got identical fiscal rules – how does Labour’s economic policy differ from the Conservatives?”

Commenting, SNP Economy spokesperson Drew Hendry MP said:

“It’s now clear the UK is facing another decade of damaging Westminster austerity cuts – with both Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer planning to take the axe to public services and choke off economic growth by failing to invest.

“Starmer is wrong to copy the Tories on imposing swingeing cuts, and to rule out taxing the richest to protect services.

“With £20billion of Westminster cuts coming down the line, the Tories and Labour Party must come clean on where the axe will fall.

“In stark contrast, the SNP rejects Tory fiscal rules and, instead, supports more investment to improve public services and grow the economy – with the wealthiest paying their fair share.

“The growing threat from Westminster shows why it’s essential to vote SNP at the next general election to stand up for Scotland’s values, defend Scotland’s interests, and have the choice of a better future with independence.”

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