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Tories and Libdems Face Wipeout at Westminster

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Douglas Ross and Alistair Jack predicted to lose seats.

New polling predicts that the Tories and Liberal Democrats both face a “wipeout” in Scotland if an election were held tomorrow.

The poll, by Find Out Now for Electoral Calculus, shows the SNP gaining 10 seats in Scotland.

Amongst the seats forecast to go to the SNP are the Scottish Tory Party Leader, Douglas Ross’s, Moray constituency and the Tory Secretary of State for Scotland, Alister Jack’s, Dumfries and Galloway seat.

Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader, Alex Cole-Hamilton, is also set to see his own constituency reject his LibDem MP colleague, according to the prediction.

Commenting SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown (pictured) said:

“It’s not hard to see why the Tories would face a possible wipe out if an election were held tomorrow – with their arrogant denial of Scottish democracy to the ever-growing corruption scandal engulfing the party.

“Every day the Tories seem to become more and more out-of-touch with the people of Scotland and it appears that the party have no intention to try to change that.

“The people of Scotland deserve a chance to choose to escape Westminster, the rotten corruption of the Tory party and the damage it is inflicting on families across Scotland – that is why Scotland overwhelmingly voted to send the SNP back into government with a cast iron mandate to hold an independence referendum in this year’s Holyrood elections.”

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