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Tories Line Up to Defend The Indefensible

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The SNP has said the Scottish Tories “can’t be trusted to respect devolution” after leading figures in the party backed Boris Johnson’s claim that devolution has been a “disaster”.

Oliver Mundell MSP went on air to defend Boris Johnson’s statement that devolution has been a “mistake”, saying he “agrees with the sentiment” of the comments.

Mr Mundell – the son of a former Tory Scottish Secretary who was sacked by Boris Johnson – was then accused of claiming it was the “fault of the electorate and the media” that the Prime Minister’s comments had been criticised.

North East Tory Andrew Bowie was asked whether Boris Johnson should apologise for his comments, to which Mr Bowie responded “absolutely not”.

South Scotland MSP and SNP candidate in Dumfriesshire, Joan McAlpine, said:

“Boris Johnson’s arrogant and dismissive comments about devolution show the utter contempt with which the Tories regard Scotland.

“Now it seems that even Tory politicians north of the border can’t be trusted to respect our parliament or the democratic choices of our people.

“No self-respecting Scottish politician would go on air to try and defend these comments – but these Tories are more than happy to toe the party line, no matter the cost to Scotland’s democracy.”

Aberdeenshire West SNP candidate Fergus Mutch added:

“The SNP is the only party which will stand up for Scotland, our national parliament and the right of the people to decide their own future.

“The Tories continue to act against Scotland’s best interests — dragging us out of the EU against our will, preventing Holyrood from taking the action we need to rebuild and recover from the pandemic, and wresting powers from our parliament.

“The overwhelming majority of people in Scotland want us to take more decisions for ourselves, not fewer.

“To stand in the way of that process is to deny democracy.”

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