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Tories Warned Against Complacency Over Threat to Jobs

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The SNP has said the Tory government must not be complacent about the threat to jobs – as new ONS figures suggest around 1.7million workers remain on furlough with just five weeks left until Rishi Sunak scraps the scheme at the end of September.

The latest ONS business survey (BICS), published today, suggests the number of furloughed workers has stopped falling, with 7% of business’s workforce reported to be on full or partial furlough leave in early-August – the same level as mid-July.

Commenting, SNP Business spokesperson Stephen Flynn MP said:

“With the clock ticking until Rishi Sunak scraps the furlough scheme in just five weeks’ time, the Tory government must not be complacent about the serious threat to jobs.

“Over a million workers remain furloughed, so it is vital that the Chancellor ensures businesses and workers get the support they need to save jobs and protect people’s incomes and livelihoods.

“The SNP has consistently warned that September is too soon to scrap the furlough scheme in its entirety – given the pressure that remains on key sectors and the dangers of rising case numbers over the autumn and winter period.

“Too many people have been left behind by the Tory government throughout the pandemic.

“UK ministers must not create a Tory unemployment crisis, which could see thousands of people made redundant and left on the scrap heap, at the same time that the UK government slashes Universal Credit payments by £1040.

“Scotland is vulnerable under Westminster control. Independence is the only way to keep Scotland safe from Tory cuts.

“It is essential that Scotland becomes an independent country with the full powers required to protect jobs and build a strong, fair and equal recovery.”

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