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Tory Brexit Brinkmanship Pushing Businesses to Cliff-Edge

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The Tory government’s Brexit brinkmanship is leaving businesses in the dark and with no time to prepare for post-Brexit terms in just over one months’ time, the SNP has warned today.

With the UK’s future relationship with the EU still being negotiated, businesses – which are already struggling to survive due the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic – have been forced to the cliff-edge without any clarity or ability to prepare.

Just this month the National Audit Office warned of “significant disruption” at the border – regardless of whether or not the UK government secured a deal.

Meanwhile, experts from Warwick University revealed earlier this year in their research that Scotland is already £3.94billion worse off as a result of Brexit – losing £736 per head of population, with Aberdeen worst-hit at £9,000 per head.

Ahead of a crucial EU Summit this Thursday, the SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford MP said:

“The Tory government’s Brexit brinkmanship is causing untold damage to the economy, businesses, and is putting at risk thousands of jobs across the UK.

“Rather than recognising the uncertainty and instability facing many businesses due to the economic hit caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Tories are instead dangerously doubling down and running down the clock.

“The Vote Leave cabal have completely failed to prepare businesses for an extreme Brexit because they have been far too busy mounting their own civil war inside Downing Street.

“We are just over one month away before the UK exits the transition period and businesses are still in the dark and – as reports have revealed – they face severe disruption and chaos in the new year.

“It’s unacceptable that businesses have been pushed to the Brexit cliff-edge by the UK government.

“The government must now end its hostile tactics and engage meaningfully with our EU partners.

“Scotland faces the prospect of a low deal or no deal – with either outcome set to deliver a devastating blow to our economy and people’s living standards.

“It’s clear beyond any doubt that the only way to protect our interests and our place in Europe is by becoming an independent country.”

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