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Tory Covid Contracts Helped Unelected Lord Hide Millions Offshore

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Following reports that Tory VIP covid contracts enabled Baroness Mone to hide millions offshore, the SNP has said that independence for Scotland is the only way we can escape the cronyism and economic mismanagement of Westminster.

The Guardian today revealed that Tory peer Michelle Mone received £29 million from the profits of a company called PPE Medpro that was awarded a “VIP” PPE contract worth more that £200m, which she helped secure after lobbying the government on their behalf. 

Over the past year, there have been multiple reports showing firms linked to Tory figures secured lucrative contracts through the UK Tory government’s fast-track system.

Other Tory figures linked to Covid contracts include disgraced former Health Secretary Matt Hancock helping to secure work for four companies, and Michael Gove referring a firm run by a Tory donor which went on to secure contracts worth nearly £50m.

Commenting, the SNP’s Cabinet Office spokesperson Brendan O’Hara MP said:

“The Tory government’s approach of handling multi-billion-pound Covid contracts has been driven by rampant cronyism.

“It has been nothing more than a scandal that has seen staggering sums of money find there way into the pockets of the Tories’ pals without scrutiny.

“In the case of the unelected Baroness Mone, her £29 million found its way to an offshore bank account to avoid paying tax in the UK – and during a cost-of-living crisis that has left thousands on low incomes struggling, with no real help from the Tory government.

“Cronyism, sleaze and corruption continues to thrive under this Westminster Tory government.

“As does the House of Lords, stuffed with over 800 unlected peers.

“Independence for Scotland is the only way we can truly uphold democracy and escape Westminster governments we don’t vote for, and their economic mismanagement.”

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