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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Tory Gov Cannot Ignore Breadth of Opposition to Power Grab Bill

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The Tories have been left further isolated over their Internal Market Bill plans, the SNP has said, after peers voted decisively to reject their attempts to “shackle” the devolved Parliaments and carry out the biggest power grab against the devolved Parliaments.

During the debate in the House of Lords, peers warned that the Bill “shackles the ability of the elected parliaments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to find their own solutions to the problems we face”.

Commenting, SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford MP (pictured) said:

“Yet again the Tory government has been left utterly isolated over its reckless plans to carry out the biggest power grab against the devolved Parliaments.

“The decisive vote by peers – who warned that the Internal Market Bill ‘shackles’ the devolved governments – adds to the mounting opposition to a Bill which will take a wrecking ball to the devolution settlement.

“The Westminster Tory government must back down and scrap the Internal Market Bill and its plans to override the democratic decisions of the Scottish Parliament.

“With Boris Johnson letting the mask slip and stating that devolution has been a ‘disaster’ and that it was a ‘mistake’, there’s no doubt over the brazen power grab intentions of the Bill and the growing threat facing Scotland.

“When this Bill returns to the Commons, all eyes will be on Douglas Ross and the Scottish Tories.

“They face a choice of either standing up for Scotland’s interests or – in typical fashion – simply following the wishes of their Westminster bosses once again.

“People in Scotland will not be fooled by Douglas Ross’ pathetic attempts to voice opposition but repeatedly refuse to back his words with action.

“It’s clear that Scotland’s interests have been completely ignored by Westminster, and that the only way to properly protect our interests is by becoming an independent country.”

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