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Tory Prescription Charges Tell Tale of Two Governments

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Tory plans to end free prescriptions in England for 60-65 year olds tells a tale of two governments, the SNP has said. 

The SNP Scottish Government abolished all prescription fees in 2011, but in England the charges remain at £9.35 per item for most working age adults under the age of 60.

The UK government’s own impact assessments have warned the move will harm those on low incomes who don’t qualify for an exemption, suggesting many will struggle to pay for items and therefore miss or reduce the number of prescriptions they actually take.

Commenting, the SNP’s Health spokesperson, Martyn Day MP said:

“These Tory plans to end free prescriptions for 60-65 year olds tells a tale of two governments – one in Westminster imposing austerity at any cost, and one in Scotland taking the health and wellbeing of the Scottish people seriously.

“Many people in Scotland have saved hundreds of pounds a year on prescription charges since the SNP abolished them in 2011, meaning no one has to worry about finances or consider missing medication they need.

“In England many over-60’s on low incomes will now join millions more people who look at prescriptions as just another cost, one they perhaps can’t afford in the middle of this Tory-made cost of living crisis.

“Rest assured, for as long as the SNP remains in power, we will never restore prescription charges or impose healthcare costs on the Scottish people. 

“Scotland is clearly headed down a different path from Westminster, a more progressive one where we seek economic prosperity for everyone instead of Tory austerity and hardship.

“We must be able to continue down that path with the full powers of independence.”

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