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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Tory Run England Set to Face £2BN Council Tax Rise

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Scottish households to pay £750 less due to council tax freeze

SNP MP, Drew Hendry, has urged voters to make Scotland Tory-free by voting for the SNP at the next general election after reports show that households in Tory-run England are set to face a £2 billion council tax rise.

The predicted increases are likely to add approximately £100 to a typical band D council tax bill in England, which would see them pay up to £751 more than an equivalent property in Scotland given the SNP Scottish Government’s council tax freeze.

In 2023-24, Council Tax for a Band D property in different councils across Scotland varied between £1,261 and £1,515.

In Scotland the average 2023-24 Band D rate (£1,417) is £648 less than in England (£2,065), and £463 less than in Wales (£1,879). 

The First Minister committed to freezing council tax at the SNP Conference in October 2023, and delivered on that promise by providing local authorities with an additional £140m.

Commenting, Drew Hendry MP said:

“The SNP’s council tax freeze has helped millions of families across Scotland who have seen their household budgets hammered by the Westminster cost of living crisis.

“By raising council tax in England the burden of ongoing Westminster-made cost of living crisis is unfairly shifted to the poorest households.

“The SNP Scottish Government is working every day to protect the people of Scotland from cruel Tory Westminster policies, the majority of which Labour has also signed up to, making clear that Scotland’s values will never be properly represented by any of the Westminster parties.

“It is only by voting SNP at the next general election can we make Scotland Tory-free and make Scotland’s voice and values heard at Westminster under a Labour government.”

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