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Truss Energy Proposals Negligent and Dangerous

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The SNP has warned Liz Truss’s proposals to pursue more nuclear power and to prioritise fracking are “negligently wrong-headed and dangerously short-sighted”.

Truss, widely tipped to become Prime Minister this week, renewed her intention to ramp up Britain’s reliance on nuclear energy and to allow fracking rather than ramp up a just transition to renewable energy to combat the climate emergency.

Commenting, SNP MSP Fiona Hyslop said:

“Families and businesses across Britain are in despair over this energy and cost of living crisis because of the Tory Government’s catastrophic energy policy.

“Unbelievably, they want to prioritise traditional nuclear fission energy plants and fracking. This is both negligently wrong-headed and dangerously short-sighted.

“It will be decades before new nuclear stations are operational and they will also be expensive and actually make household bills even more expensive.

“It is deliberately misleading to suggest nuclear as the answer when the need for viable solutions could not be more urgent.

“And suggesting a frantic dash to permit fracking offers no immediate solution to the energy price crisis but will accelerate the climate crisis.

“Relying on fossil fuels is not a long-term solution when there are better options available to provide Britain with a secure supply of clean, safe, renewable energy without further jeopardising our planet.

“If Truss, as expected, replaces Johnson as Prime Minister, she must provide an appropriate, comprehensive and substantial package of measures to help both families and businesses weather this storm that the inept Tories helped create.”

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