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Truss Set to Impose Brexit Style Wrecking Tactics on Scotland

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Downing Street favourite spells disaster for Scotland.

Liz Truss’s hard-line wrecking approach to the EU has been cited as the way that Scotland will be treated under her premiership, according to her campaign team. 

Earlier this week, Tory leadership candidate Liz Truss said she would “ignore” Scotland’s First Minister and increase Westminster control in Scotland.

Today, key backer Tory MP Brandon Lewis told Radio 4’s Today Programme that people should look at her track record on dealing with the EU to speak to her character.

The SNP has warned that Scotland faces the hard-Brexit treatment under a Liz Truss administration, with the favourite to succeed Boris Johnson playing even further into the Tory hardliners’ playbook.

Commenting, Kaukab Stewart MSP said:

“It’s not yet clear whether Liz Truss refuses to work with anyone who doesn’t agree with her but her comments so far make it clear that Scotland is in for the hard-Brexit treatment under her Premiership.

“Today, her supporters asked the public to judge her on her record of dealing with the EU – which has been to cave in to the Brexit ultras and threaten to provoke a catastrophic trade dispute in the middle of a cost of living crisis.

“To date, the bookie’s favourite for next PM has been clear she’ll say and do anything the Tory hard-liners want – which will be disastrous for Scotland.

“Meanwhile, the SNP Scottish Government gets on with delivering for the people who live here.

“The cost of living with Westminster is clear – it’s even more Tory austerity, a deeply damaging Tory Brexit and failure to take meaningful action while energy bills soar. 

“People in Scotland will soon have the choice to end Westminster control and consign Tory governments that Scotland didn’t vote for to the dustbin of history.

“But a better future is only possible with the full powers of independence.”

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