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TV Debate Confirms The SNP are The Only Party to Put Scotland First

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The first televised TV debate of the General Election has confirmed the SNP is the only party that puts Scotland first, the SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown has said.

SNP Leader John Swinney forced Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross into admitting the damage of Liz Truss’ mini Budget – which saw mortgages rocket, inflation soar and households crippled by rising bills.

Following the debate on STV this evening, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said:

“Tonight’s debate laid bare the choice for voters at the General Election – and it’s crystal clear that only the SNP will put Scotland first.

“Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross’ acceptance of the disastrous impact of Liz Truss’ mini-Budget – which he fully supported at the time – shows exactly why the Tories need booted out of power.

“The Westminster parties are all singing from the same hymn sheet, as either architects or apologists for austerity, Brexit and the cost of living crisis.

“Only independence allows Scotland to escape Westminster control – and the SNP is the party with that vision.

“If you value decisions about Scotland being taken in Scotland, if you value investment in public services, and if you value NHS being in public hands, you have to vote for it.

“Vote SNP on 4th July.”

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